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Experience the Joy of Learning to Read in Tibetan The Level I Course by Zoom Webinar With Lama David Curtis Begin to learn Dharma Tibetan this winter—experience the joy of learning to read your texts and prayers in Tibetan! Join the community students from around the world and all schools of Tibetan spirituality who study with the Tibetan Language Institute.

The study materials and course were designed by Lama David Curtis, a master teacher who has taught hundreds and hundreds of students from all backgrounds over the last 27 years. His classes are highly recommended by students, scholars, Lamas, and Rinpoches. From the very first class, you will be learning to read words important in Tibetan Buddhism. With Lama David as your kind and knowledgeable guide, the journey of learning to read in Tibetan becomes both fun and meaningful. Auction Offering This year's offering will include a part of TLI’s Level I Beginner’s Package. The more complete package can be viewed at the TLI website. Introduction to the Tibetan Language: Level I Study Workbook;  Instructional DVD of the Level 1 Course (2 DVD set);  Instructional CD of the Level 1 Course (2 CD Audio set);  Gift certificate for the 9-week Level 1 Virtual Course by Zoom webinar starting in late January 2021. Classes are held on Tuesdays from 5-6:30 pm Pacific Time. Have to miss a class? Not a problem. A link to video recordings of the class is provided for each class, made available to students for the duration of the course. With these study materials and the accompanying Zoom course, you have what is needed to begin the fruitful journey of learning to read in Tibetan. This course is the first step in learning to read texts such as the Heart Sutra --a process that can now be accomplished in relatively few months by students who follow the TLI program.

Special Instructions: Shipping and handling cost will be paid by the successful bidder. Enrollment to be arranged between successful bidder and Tibetan Language Institute.

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