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Program for the Night

  • Welcome 8.00 pm
    Welcome and Admit to Zoom Meeting
  • A History In Preview 8.10 pm
    25 years of TCEF Presentation
  • Zoom LIVE to Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Center, India. 8.20 pm
    • Cultural performances by the children • Connecting sponsors with sponsored children and elders
  • Call For Cash 8.45 pm
    We hope to present a wide array of Tibetan cultural presentations - made possible only by the magic of the internet and the online format. The length of individual items will vary slightly. Each item will be for about 10 minutes each. Presentations will include:
    • Performance Art
    • Meditation
    • Thankga Art
    • Cooking
    • Music
    • Pilgrimage
  • Vote of gratitude 9.50 pm
  • Event Closes 10.00 pm

Auction Instructions

1. You need to first register with your email and password. ( This is separate from the Zoom Meeting Registration)

2. Once you’ve registered, you’ll use the same credentials to Login every time you want to bid or update your previous bid/bids.

3. All auctions have already started and they will end Nov 23 at 11.59 pm US Mountain Time

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